One Little Word :: Begin

one little word

Why I Need a One Little Word One of my biggest obstacles in accomplishing anything in life is my fear that I won’t finish or I won’t do it (whatever it is) right. So I sit and ponder all the possible ways for creating and accomplishing my big ideas.  What if I do it this way? Maybe I should get this other thing done first? What if it doesn’t turn out the way I expect? Will anyone like it? Is this a waste of time?  And in all the pondering — all the hours, and […]

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Breath In Our Lungs :: 2nd Saturday Signs

Welcome to my new blog series, 2nd Saturday Signs. It will publish… guess when? The second Saturday of every month. Genius title, right? Anyway… I’ve been wanting to share with you all about my hand-painted signs and how to make them for quite sometime now, but have never gotten around to it or haven’t felt like it was the right time to do so. However, after writing about some provoking verses in a January #QuietlyThrough Thursday post, I’ve been inspire to design, paint, and share a monster hand-painted sign that I hope you’ll love. This […]

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