Happy New Year 2023!

It’s a new year and now is as good as time as any to revive this old blog. It’s been 2 years since I published anything here! For the time being, I won’t be producing a ton of new content. Instead, I’ll be promoting the Quietly Through reading plan, which I originally published back in 2015 (eight years already!). You can learn more about the reading plan in my original post.

I’ll also be taking the time to update and revise old blog posts to better reflect how my faith has grown and changed over the years. I will be highlighting these updated posts in my monthly-ish newsletter, so keep an eye on your inbox for those. If you haven’t subscribed to the newsletter yet, please consider doing so. I promise I won’t send out an annoying amount of useless emails.

So that’s it for today – just a short quick announcement that I’m going to attempt to be present more in this online space. I hope you will be too.

Only by grace,


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