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Why I Need a One Little Word

One of my biggest obstacles in accomplishing anything in life is my fear that I won’t finish or I won’t do it (whatever it is) right. So I sit and ponder all the possible ways for creating and accomplishing my big ideas. 

What if I do it this way? Maybe I should get this other thing done first? What if it doesn’t turn out the way I expect? Will anyone like it? Is this a waste of time? 

And in all the pondering — all the hours, and days, and weeks of pondering — I lose interest or, worse, start to think I am incapable of doing what I want to do.

And then nothing gets done.

Ideas never become reality.

Creativity stays stifled.

And another day, another year, another — gulp! — decade passes by with dreams unfulfilled or forgotten.

But no longer!

My One Little Word

This year I will focus on one little word to help me move toward my goals instead of worrying about all the steps it will take to accomplish them. 

My one little word: begin.

I will simply begin. Begin to put onto paper (or in a Google Doc) all the ideas I want to write about. I will begin to design all the signs I have swarming around in my head. Begin to tear down ugly wallpaper and paint the basement. I will begin contacting potential business partners and collaborators. I will begin with the first step I know how to do and prayerfully accomplish the next step when — and only when — it is time for the next step.

My one little word for 2021 is begin because I am tired of living life on pause waiting for every situation to line up perfectly for my dreams to take shape.

Are you choosing a One Little Word this year? What is it? What is your reason for the word?

Only by grace,


My Own Little Word is Moving Us Forward

One dream of mine is to run a successful business creating beautiful furniture pieces and inspirational signs with my husband. This year we chose to begin. Here is a glimpse of how its starting.

Check our collection of inspirational One Little Word signs in our new Etsy Shop.

Check our collection of inspirational One Little Word signs in our new Etsy Shop.

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