Jesus Prayed :: Quietly Through the Gospel According to John

We’ve enter the last week of reading quietly through John’s gospel and I’ve nearly dropped the ball. I apologize for this late post, but here are the last five days of the reading plan.

Nov 9-13

Day 1 John 17

Day 2 John 18

Day 3 John 19

Day 4 John 20

Day 5 John 21

As you read the final chapter, remember that Jesus was not forced to the cross. He went willingly. But first he prayed.

Jesus Prayed

Jesus prayed for Himself, but not to be spared from the cross. Not to be spared death. Not to be spared torture. Not to be spared humiliation. No, He prayed that the Father might be glorified through Him (John 17:1).

Jesus prayed for His disciples. Jesus prayed that He would be glorified in them (v 10), that they would be unified in their love for one another (v 11), and that they would have joy to the fullest (v 13). He also prayed that the would Father keep His disciples from the evil one and to sanctify, or purify, them with His word (vv 15-19).

Jesus prayed for all believers. He prayed that all who will believe in Him are unified by love so that world would know that He is the Son of God  (vv 20-23).   

So that the world would know.

Jesus prayed and then went to the Cross so that world would know that He is the way to eternal life.

“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me” (John 14:6).

Lord, may we, your Church, live the unified life that You prayed for us to have. Show us where we choose to live divided so that we can repent and seek love over self-righteousness. We ask this in Your name. May You be glorified. Amen.

One more thing. Read John 18:1-6 carefully. What do you notice? What happens when Jesus declares “I am He”? It’s pretty amazing. 🙂

Only by grace,


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