Quietly Through the Gospel According to John

Many of you (anyone still around?!) know that I write for HelloMornings on occasion. This past year I have also been leading Bible study for a group of ladies online using the HelloMornings studies. We just finished a study session and the next session doesn’t start until November.

It’s terribly important to me to keep our morning routine God-centered, even if we don’t have a HelloMornings study to lean on, so the ladies and I thought we’d do something a little different and a little simpler. We have decided to just read the Gospel According to John. 

I’ve created a simple reading plan that will take us into November. It’s just a reading plan — no material to buy, no commentary to read, no questions to answer. It’s just a schedule that outlines which verses to read on which days. It thought I’d share the plan for anyone who is interested.

This weeks reading looks like this:

Sep 28 – Oct 2

Day 1 John 1:1-18

Day 2 John 1:19-34

Day 3 John 1:35-51

Day 4 John 2:1-12

Day 5 John 2:13-25

You can access the full reading plan here or you can drop by the blog next Monday for next week’s reading schedule. Also, throughout the week I may or may not be (time and energy permitting) posting a few thoughts on what Im learning as I read this Gospel.

Only by grace,


Week 2: And the Word Became Flesh and Hear, Understand, Believe, and Experience Jesus

Week 3: Most Assuredly

Week 4: His Glory

Week 5: Opening Blind Eyes

Week 6: A New Commandment & The Answered Prayer

Week 7:

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