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And it shall be, when he is guilty in any of these matters, that he shall confess that he has sinned in that thing: and he shall bring his trespass offering to the Lord for his sin which he has committed… Leviticus 5:5-6

Confess. It means to show one’s self as guilty.

Sin. It means to miss or wonder away from the path of righteousness.

Sin and confess. These aren’t words that I like to talk about too much. Well, at least I don’t like talking about them when it comes to my own sin and confession. To confess means I have to admit my guilt. I have to acknowledge that I am sinning — that I am doing what is right in my own eyes and not doing what God says is right (Proverbs 21:2).

These verses in Leviticus come from a passage about the trespass offering the Israelites were to offer when they became aware of a sin they had committed. The offering involved an animal, a lot of blood, and a ceremony that I can only imagine took quite a lot of time.

The trespass offering wasn’t an easy thing to offer. It was a big thing, a serious thing. It was a do-you-realize-how-severe-your-sin-is thing.


But after the confession and the offering came forgiveness.

The priest shall make atonement for him, for his sin that he has committed in any of these matters; and it shall be forgiven him. Leviticus 5:13

We don’t live under the Old Covenant, we live under the New. Praise. the. Lord! Because of the sacrifice that Jesus offered — Himself — we no longer need to offer the sacrifices required under the law.

Jesus is our perfect High Priest. And because he is and continues to be, he “does not need daily, as those high priests, to offer up sacrifices, first for His own sins and then for the people’s, for this He did once for all when He offered up Himself” (Hebrews 7:27).

Offered up Himself! He offered himself as the sacrifice! Himself!

Jesus died on the cross for my sin. His amazing act of love should also speak, speak even more loudly, than the old sacrifices that my sins are more sever than I want to admit. The cross should tell me that my sin is a big deal. It is a serious thing.

And it does tell me this. But I often refuse to listen. I take my eyes off the Cross and I choose to ignore what my sin actually costs.

And do you know what else I miss out on when I take my eyes off the Cross? That I am loved. Not in an “I love pizza” kind of way or an “I love my kids” kind of way, but in an “I literally and truly love you to death” kind of way. In an “I will lay down my life so that you can live” kind of way. “I love you so much I will take your punishment” kind of way. “I love you just as you are” kind of way. “I love you, not because you earned my love, but because I just want to love you” kind of way.

The cross bleeds, “I love you. I love you. I love you and there is nothing you can do to stop me.”

We love because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19

My sin is bad, real bad, so bad I won’t even try to begin to describe how bad. Of course, I want to hide it and pretend it’s not there. No one wants to admit they’ve done wrong. Our pride is… well… proud. But the beauty of confessing, the beauty of acknowledging our guilt is that it also opens our eyes to how much God — God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit love us.

Lord in heaven, please, please, please continue to open my eyes to the sin in my life. Show me where I am still wandering away from your righteous path. I want to confess, be forgiven and cleansed, and look in awe at your overwhelming love. In the name of your Son I pray. Amen. 

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  1. YES!!! Man oh man. So much yes to this!
    He literally loved us to death! Wow.
    Kelli, I absolutely adore your writings! I look forward to your posts every month.
    Thank you for this!

  2. Kelli, I have been reading and thinking about these same things for my post for tomorrow. I love the way you said, the cross bleeds I love you! Important truths to meditate on as we approach Easter.

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