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Welcome to my new blog series, 2nd Saturday Signs. It will publish… guess when? The second Saturday of every month. Genius title, right? Anyway… I’ve been wanting to share with you all about my hand-painted signs and how to make them for quite sometime now, but have never gotten around to it or haven’t felt like it was the right time to do so. However, after writing about some provoking verses in a January #QuietlyThrough Thursday post, I’ve been inspire to design, paint, and share a monster hand-painted sign that I hope you’ll love.

This how-to post seemed a little long at first, so I tried to cut out as much as possible without leaving you confused. So, if while you’re reading it you find you have some questions, just ask. I’m sure if you are wondering about something someone else is too and I’d love to clear things up for you.

I’ve linked to several of the products I use. And just for full disclosure’s sake, these are affiliate links (read why I choose to use affiliated links here). I’m also providing a free template, which you’ll need to download in order to complete this project. And if you’re not a crafty, project girl, no problem. At the bottom of the post you’ll find a link to some printable art, which you can simply download, print, frame and enjoy.




Prep the common board:

  • Lightly sand the top surface and ends of the 12”x24” common board.
  • Apply two coats of the pickling wash (follow product directions) and allow to dry for several hours.

  • Smooth the sides and ends of the 1″x2″s with sandpaper, apply the Jacobean stain (follow the directions on the can), and allow to dry for several hours.
  • Apply a single coat of lacquer to all of the stained common board (follow product directions) and allow to dry several hours

Transfer the design onto the common board:

  • Print the sign template. IMPORTANT: Print the template to scale. Do NOT fit to page. This will take several sheets of paper.
  • Trim and tape the edges of the paper together.

  • Tape one edge of the template to one edge of the 12”x24” common board.
  • Place the transfer between the common board and the printed template.

  • Use a pen or pencil to trace over the top of the printed template. This will transfer the image onto the common board.

  • Remove the template and the transfer from the common board. The image is now on the board.

Paint your sign:

  • Use either the acrylic paint and a narrow paint brush or the sharpie paint pen to paint over the transferred image. The paint pen is easier if you don’t have a steady hand. However, the bush strokes that appear when using paint and brush are far prettier.

  • Once the paint is dry, erase any of the transfer paper marks that remain visible.

Frame your sign:

  • Using the wood glue attach the 11.25 inch 1x2s to the top and bottom of the sign. Make sure the edges are flush.
  • Glue the 27 inch 1x2s to the right and left sides of the sign.
  • OPTIONAL STEPS. These steps are optional, put will help ensure the frame is secure and does not come off in the future.
    • Option 1: Secure using a nail gun and finishing nails. Wipe away any glue that seeps out from between the frame and the sign.
    • Option 2: Secure with clamps or until the glue has set. Wipe away any glue that seeps out from between the frame and the sign.

Hang your sign:

  • Once the glue has set (12-24 hours) turn the sign over and hammer the wall-hanging hardware near the top edge of the sign. IMPORTANT: Do not hammer the hardware into the frame. The glue will not be strong enough to support the weight of the sign, especially if you did not complete either of the optional steps about.
  • This sign is heavy, so be sure to use a wall anchor or find a stud behind the dry wall to hang it on.

And there you have it: a finish handmade sign with a beautiful reminder that your lungs are full of God’s breath. Use it to love and honor him.

And for those of you who aren’t into craft projects, check out my etsy shop. I’ll paint a sign for you or you can download a digital print similar to the original sign.


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