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So when the LORD saw that he turned aside to look, God called to him from the midst of the bush and said, “Moses, Moses!” And he said, “Here I am.” – Exodus 3:4

I live in America. I have a television. I have four kids and an over-active dog. So nearly everyday I see something strange. Something outlandish. Something that should make me pause and go huh?  But to tell you the truth I don’t always pause. I don’t always let my curiosity win. I don’t often take a good look at whatever the non-normal thing I’ve come across.

There are some things I’ve just become desensitized to. I’m mean, I live in a day and age where anything goes. Non-normal is the new normal. Also, as I mentioned, I have kids. And kids do crazy things. And kids doing crazy things is normal.

However, more often than not I ignore what could catch my attention — should catch my attention because I’m too busy. I don’t want to be inconvenienced and I don’t want my schedule thrown off. Better to ignore that odd thing and keep going with my plan. Forget being flexible. Forget going with the flow or living in the moment. Stay focused. Keep moving. Don’t get side-tracked.

But what if God wants to do some side-tracking? What if He wants to side-track me?

But what if God wants to do some side-tracking? #quietlyreminded #quietlythrough Click To Tweet

I’m sure it wasn’t in Moses’s plans to come across a burning bush in the middle of the desert. He had sheep to attend to. He had a father-in-law to report to and a family to provide for. He had work to do, things to do. He had plans and a schedule.

But there was this bush. Burning. Waiting.

God was waiting.

And when Moses turned aside God spoke.

“Moses, Moses!” God called with an exclamation point. When God had Moses’s full attention He called his name. And Moses’s response? “Here I am.”

Here I am.

I wonder how many “Here I am” moments I’ve miss because I haven’t allowed myself to be distracted. I wonder how many times I missed my name being called because I was to focused on my own plans to be side-tracked by God.

I wonder how many times I missed my name being called because I was to focused on my own plans to be side-tracked by God. Click To Tweet

Moses stopped, he looked, he listened and he responded to the plan God had for him. I wonder what my days might look life if I did the same.

Lord, I praise you and thank you for using ordinary sinners like Moses, like me and like my sisters in your plan of redemption. Please forgive me for setting my own plans above yours. Please forgive me for staying so focused on my schedule that I miss your callings. I want to see your distractions and hear your voice. Here I am, God. Here I am again. Use me. Send me. In Jesus name. Amen. 

This post was written while reading quietly through the Bible. Have you written anything lately in response to God’s word? Share it the #QuietlyThroughThursday link-up.

Only by grace,


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  1. Thank you for this convicting message! I don’t want to miss hearing my name being called because I am too distracted. It’s hard to stop and pause, isn’t it? I think I need to do more of it.
    Blessings to you this week!

  2. Oh my goodness, I wonder the same thing! Who knows how many times I’ve been so consumed with my own plans, that I couldn’t hear Him calling my name. I can have tunnel vision so easily. Many times I don’t even realize there are other options…better ones!

  3. I can so relate. It’s risky to stop when you have your own agenda. And I’m guilty of this so many times. Thanks for the reminder that we miss God’s best when we don’t stay sensitive to His side-tracking.

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