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Reckon… to determine… to purpose… to decide.

…reckon yourselves to be dead indeed to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 6:11

We are to reckon this truth. We are to be determined to believe it. We are to purposefully choose to live for God in Christ. We are to decide to not to continue in sin.

Jesus paid for our sin. He died and rose so that we may live. So that we would be free from sin. Amen? Yes, of course amen!

So why do I still sin?

Jesus paid for our sin. So why do I still sin? #quietlythroughthursday Click To Tweet

Why do I live as if His death and resurrection did not accomplish what He has promised?

Why do I still believe that I will never be able to overcome or give up sins x, y, or z?

When given the choice to obey or disobey, why do I turn my back on Jesus? Why do I quench the Spirit? Why do I act as if I do not have the self-control that has been given?

Why do I make the excuse that some day, when I get to heaven, I’ll be free from this little bad habit or that selfish vice? Why do I make this excuse when I could be living free now?

How come I live like a slave to sin when Jesus has made me free?

How come I live like a slave to sin when Jesus has made me free? #quietlythroughthursday Click To Tweet

Jesus has made me free!

It’s time to live free!

I am no longer a slave to my flesh. I no longer have to give into my selfish desires. I no longer have to walk in disobedience.

I am united with Christ! I have newness of life!

He is my Lord. He reigns supreme. Not my sin. Not my flesh. Not me!

It’s time I start living as Christ lived. It’s time to start living as if the Holy Spirit dwells within me (because He does!). It’s time to start presenting myself to God to be used as an instrument of righteousness.

For sin will not — does not!!! — have dominion over me. For I am not under the law. I am under grace.

Praise Jesus!

This was written while reading Quietly Through God’s word. This week He used the word reckon to get my attention and lead me to confession and repentance. He used that little word to remind me that I am His, I am united with His Sin, and I have the power of His Spirit dwelling in me. I am able to choose His way daily.

Have you been in His Word lately? What is God communicating to you through Scripture?

Only by grace,


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