When Your Blog Isn’t Bearing Fruit

“…first remember what I taught you: ‘Apart from me you can do nothing’ (John 15:5).

“Come, relax in me and let my Spirit work through you. I know you are unskilled, clumsy and awkward, but the Spirit is the Master-worker. If he controls your heart and your hands, he will work through you. Now turn around.” Then putting his great strong arms around me and his hands under mine he picked up the tools and began to work through me. “Relax. You are still too tense. Let go — let me do the work!” (Robert Boyd Munger, My Heart-Christ’s Home)

Far too often I have wanted to give up on writing and blogging. I want to write, I want to blog. I want my little corner of the internet to be fruitful. I desire that my hands and my keyboard be put to work for God’s kingdom.

But so often I just… well… struggle.

I know just enough about sentence structure, syntax, and technical blog stuff to get frustrated and overwhelmed. But not enough to create anything that is, by my standards, amazing, awesome, or just plain cool.

At least… not on my own.

When I first started blogging I couldn’t keep from sharing all that God was teaching me through His word.

Read and study, write, then post. Read and study, write, then post.

The Spirit was opening my eyes to His grace and His love was doing amazing things in my heart. Every new insight was spilling over into the internet through my keyboard and my blog.

My writing life was good. Abiding led learning, which led to blogging. It was exciting, freeing, and life-giving.

And then… [Read more over at thebloggingwriter.com]

Today I’m over at Megan Weyerbacher’s sharing about the biggest struggle I have when it comes to faith blogging. I’d love it if you could head on over and read the rest of the post and maybe share a bit about your journey blogging (or serving in other areas) with Jesus. Then when your done reading my post, check out a few more of Meg’s. You’ll get a kick out of her humor, be encouraged by her words, and glean a tidbit or two from her wisdom.

Only by grace,


When Your Blog Isn't Bearing Fruit @MegWeyerbacher @KelliLaFram Click To Tweet

Far too often I have wanted to give up on writing and blogging. @MegWeyerbacher @KelliLaFram Click To Tweet



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