Be in the Bible More in 2017

Many of us make new year’s resolutions to be in the Bible more. Each year we are determined to do it. On January 1 we open our Bibles and start with a commitment to form a new habit that will last a lifetime. But then life happens and by the time February 1 rolls around (or we get to Leviticus, which ever is sooner) our determination has fizzled and we are discouraged with our lack of follow through.

Does this sound familiar? Or is it just me?

Anyway… We have two options when we realize we can’t keeping our resolutions perfectly: 1) give up or 2) keep going. I prefer to keep going and I hope you do to. Here is a short list of easy ways to be in the Bible more in 2017. And while none of these are new and shiny ideas, maybe you’ll find one or two of them that are so simple they will actually work for you.

Just start reading.

Opening your Bible doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Just open it and read it. Word for word. Verse by verse. Chapter by chapter. Book by book. That simple.

Join a small group.

Many churches organize small group bible studies. Join one. If your church doesn’t have any meeting at the moment, reach out to another Jesus-believing church.

Study the Bible online.

Find an online Bible-study community, such as HelloMornings or Quietly Through. Online fellowship should never  replace in-real-life fellowship. However, they can be wonderful for making new friends and build Bible reading habits.

Do family devos.

Simply start a family devotional with your spouse and/or children. Decide when the best time of day is — first thing in the morning, at mealtime or just before bed — and go for it.

Read one-to-one.

Many of us plan coffee dates with our friends. Why not plan to bring your Bibles as well? Check out this quick read to learn how simple one-to-one reading can be.

These are just a few ideas to help you get into the Bible more in 2017. Some may work well for you, some may not. But no matter which ones you decide to try, always give yourself and others grace. When hiccups happen just… well, hiccup and then keep going.

Are you determined to be in your Bible more this year? How do you plan to do it? Do you have any other ideas not listed here? Please share in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.

Only by grace,


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