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My all time favorite Christmas carol is Silent Night, but this year What Child is This is speaking to me deeply. I recently had the chance to write about the simple yet profound lyrics over at DoNotDepart.com. Here is an excerpt:

This Child is the Word

What Child is this? This is the Child who is also called the Word. This child, this Word was in the beginning, and this Word was with God, and this Word was God (John 1:1). This Child is the Word who took on flesh, who dwelt among us, and revealed His glory (John 1:14).

What Child is this? This Child is fully God. And though fully God, He humbly chose to leave His Father in heaven and became fully human for our sakes.

This Child was Shunned

What Child is this? A child shunned from before even His birth. Turned away at every inn, He came into this world in the most lowly of places — a stable. He was not given a crib or cradle. Instead He was given a manger — a feeding trough — to lay His head on His first night here on earth.

This Child was…

[Read the rest of the post here.] Then be sure to follow DoNotDepart.com blog to catch the rest of the post in the Cherishing Christ in the Carols series.

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