Raspberry Patch Signs & Junk Barn Girls


Guess whose excited about this year’s Junk Barn Girls? Me, that’s who! Why? Because this year I get to participate as a vendor! In case you didn’t know, I run a little shop called Raspberry Patch Sings & Designs. Not only do I love to write, I love to paint, too. Furniture, signs, old pallet wood, two-by-fours, mason jars, tin cans… you name, I’ll paint it. And this year I get to bring my little Raspberry Patch to the most amazing antique and craft show ever — Junk Barn Girls!

What is Junk Barn Girls?

Junk Barn Girls is an annual show for gals who love fun, friends and fabulous finds. The event showcases 30+ vendors who bring their talents, along with their vintage collectibles, jewelry, antiques, handmade goods, and repurposed junk for you to drool over. And of course, there is always a food truck or two there to serve up plenty of yummy treats.

If you’ve been following me on social media, then you know that I’ve been pretty consumed with prepping for the show over the last week or so. My garage and patio are full of half-flipped furniture and my dinning room is covered in hand-painted signs I can’t wait to show off.

Junk Barn Girls is happening September 30th and October 1st in Hermiston, Oregon (more details here). If you are local (or within a reasonable driving distance) you won’t want to miss this event. I promise you won’t be disappointed, nor will you walk away empty handed. You’re bound to find something you’ll love.

Can’t make it? Don’t fret, my dear.

If you can’t make it, well you can still get your hands on a few hand-painted treasures. I have listed a few of my “shippable” items in my Etsy shop. Just restocked today! Click on over to check them out.



So, just to recap. 1) I’m excited about Junk Barn Girls!!! 2) You need to be there if you can! 3) Check out my Etsy shop if you can’t make it (or if you just want a preview of what I’ll be taking with me to the show). Got it?

Hope to see many friends there!

Only by grace,


Raspberry Patch Signs & Designs

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