HelloMornings & Caught by Jesus

It can be funny how the Lord directs our paths.  Looking back at the last twelve months I can see that only He could have orchestrated the events that have led up to today.

Last fall I came across a tweet by the New Divide that challenged others to hand write the entire book of Mark — yes! hand write every single verse! — in during the month of October. I started the challenge a little late and ended way late, but by the grace of God I completed the challenge. The challenge led to a blog series. The blog series led to a book. And the book led (or is leading) to an online Bible study. But not just any study; a HelloMornings study!!!


Can you believe it!?! I hardly can!

I’ve blogged a few times before about HelloMornings, but just in case you missed those posts that me quickly tell you about this amazing ministry.  “HelloMornings is a community of women dedicated to making the most of (their) mornings.”  Basically, it is an online Bible study with a focus on creating morning routines that center around God (first and foremost!), daily planning, and physical activity. These are referred to as GodTime, PlanTime, and MoveTime.

Hello Mornings begins a new study every 8-weeks and guess what? Starting next week, the community will be studying the book of Mark using Caught by Jesus! That’s the book I wrote —by the grace of God only, of course! I couldn’t be more amazed that the Lord is using someone like me to help other women look more closely at His word.

HM - InstagramI am truly… truly… Well I don’t know what I am. Nervous, excited, humbled, proud (not in an arrogant way, I hope), dumb-founded, stoked!

The study starts Monday, October 19th. That’s one week from today, ladies! So you need to sign-up quickly! Registration opened today and the groups fill up fast.  So if you are thinking about joining a group, stop! Stop thinking about it and pray about it. Listen to what the Holy Spirit is telling you. HelloMornings may just be what you need to get your days focused on Jesus.

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