The Forgotten Group of Hurting Women

All the talk in the news regarding abortion seems to be dying down just a bit since the Planned Parenthood scandal broke a few months ago. The argument can get loud. Actually, it is always loud when you are paying attention to it. The voices on both sides, pro-choice or pro-life, often scream to get their points across. Almost everyone wants to be heard but no one wants to listen. Almost…

There is a group, however, that does listen, very carefully in fact, but they don’t want to be seen. This group hears every harsh word spoken and see every cruel finger pointed. It is a group that the vast majority of us have forgotten.

This group is grieving. They regret the decisions they have made or are about to make.

This group is full of women who have went through with an abortion or are moments away from a choice that will haunt them longer than they can imagine.

Have we, the body of Christ, forgotten them?

Have we forgotten our own sin?

Have we forgotten that our sin and their’s has been paid for with the blood of Christ? Have we forgotten that we are all offered forgiveness?

Have we forgotten that it is our job to spread the gospel, not condemnation or judgement?

Have we forgotten that Jesus loves all, even the mothers of abortion?

Most of us would agree that each baby is formed and knit together in his or her mother’s womb. But do we realize that so was the mother? That she, too, has been created by the hands of God?

Most of us believe that each baby is created for a purpose? But do we also believe that God created each mother for a purpose as well?

Yes, abortion is wrong. Yes, we should grieve the loss of each and every unborn child. Yes, we should call this practice what it is: sin. But should we camp out on someone else’s sin?

should we camp out on someone else's sin?


Those mothers sitting in silence are already camped out there. Eyes cast down in shame, attempting to hide their sin in the darkness.  No hope, no peace, no joy.

Church, it is time that we lift these women — these mothers — up in prayer.

It is time that we beg — yes, beg! — the Lord to bring one of these precious ladies into our lives, so that we may show them the love of Christ.

It is time that we ask the Lord to love these women through us.

It is time, Church for us to behave like His hands and feet, showing the scars that offer the hope, peace, and joy that only come with forgiveness.


Because, quite simply, Jesus loves all of us sinners no matter what our sin is.

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another (John 13:34 NKJV).


  1. Thank you for bringing those women who are grieving and have repented from having an abortion. Sin is sin and all sin is grievous in the face of our Father. Pray for these women who are hurting in the body of Christ. Some are too ashamed to share with others. They need love.

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