A 20th Re-Birthday Testimony

TourofTestimoniesSQby Angie Tolpin

A few months back, I was having a conversation with my eight year old and he asked me how long I have been a Christian.
I got a little giddy, because I love intimate conversations like these with my kids. And I shared with him, this Spring is going to be my 20th Re-Birthday! Looking confused he said, “But Mom, you’re 35, did you forget?”

“Of course not son, but when I was 15 years old, that is when I really identified myself with what being a Christian meant. That was when I went from knowing about God, and religion, to knowing God, experiencing His presence and having communion with Him.”

I am excited to share my testimony with you here today, in celebration of my 20th Re-Birthday! Over a lifetime, one has many testimonies of God’s faithfulness, and His presence in significant ways during specific seasons, but today I am going to be vulnerable and share with you about what led me to dedicate my life to serving and loving Christ, knowing Him as my Savior, Counselor, and Friend as well as God.

I have always struggled to view my testimony as dull and boring, because it doesn’t have a bunch of drugs, alcohol, or sex in it. Have you felt that way?

I was raised in a typical Christian, church-going home, and lived a pretty blessed life, comparatively speaking. While most of my friend’s parents were getting divorced and re-marrying, my parents were faithful. And that same faithfulness flowed over to their discipline of going to church every Sunday and being involved in church ministry. I grew up going to Sunday School, and sitting in church every weekend, and had no doubt in Jesus’ existence. But there was still a disconnection. I knew of God, about Him, history as told by the Bible, and I loved to sing worship music but it was more because I loved to sing than it was to worship Him.

Looking back over my life… Read the rest of Angie’s testimony here.


Bio :: Angie lives in Central Oregon with her husband Isaac and their six children, plus they have one more on the way. Angie loves to lead, speak, and write to women’s hearts. She is the author of the book Redeeming Childbirth and The Quiet Fight Between Women, an online study available this spring.

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