THE DRIVE HOME: a day that changed everything

TourofTestimoniesSQMy name is Andrew Ziesemer. I want to share the story of my salvation with you. Mine is a story not wrought with addiction or depression, but it still is one that tells of the greatest redemption possible.

I was blessed to have been setup for the greatest of success spiritually. For as long as I can remember I grew up in a home where I was surrounded with love. I was taught clearly whom Jesus was and was also well provided for. But I assure you — I still made my fair share of mistakes and bad choices. I grew up believing in God and knowing every Bible story by heart. I could recite for you my memory verses and could sing almost any worship song verbatim. But I still had never made a real decision to follow Christ.

I can remember the day that happened.

I went with my mom to watch a play in Olympia, Washington. It was a theatrical production named “Heaven’s Gates & Hell’s Flames”. I’m sure it was less impressive than 12-year-old me perceived it, but I can recall it clearly to this day. It was a dramatic visualization of people’s lives coming to an abrupt end; with them facing the judgment throne one at a time. As each person came forward after dying by various methods, they discovered if their name was in the Lamb’s book of life or not. Each one being sent accordingly, to either spend eternity with God or apart from him.

I can specifically recall the drive home, in which I told my Mom that I wanted to follow Jesus. She led me in a short prayer to confess my sins and my need for God, and from that moment forward, my journey to become a true follower of Christ began. That was the point of impact in my life that threw me into my pursuit of Christ-likeness, and it has continued since then with a roller coaster ride of both successes and failures.

I screwed up over and over again after that day. I did things I shouldn’t have. I said things I shouldn’t have. I thought things I shouldn’t have. I can understand clearly now why Paul said he was the worst among sinners in 1 Timothy 1:16.

“But I received mercy for this reason, that in me, as the foremost, Jesus Christ might display his perfect patience as an example to those who were to believe in him for eternal life.”

In my weakness HE is made stronger, because I am a terrible sinner redeemed by God’s grace. My testimony is ever changing. Every day I realize even more my need for His grace in my life. Since that moment in time when I made a decision to follow him, I have walked through good days and bad. What I have learned though is always to walk in a relentless pursuit of Jesus, because His plan always proves to be much greater than mine ever could be.


10897757_10152783260412517_8825754522157982342_nBio :: Andy lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife Sarah. He is a full time musician; singing and playing guitar for The New Divide. He also spends much of his time sharing the Gospel with A Jesus Mission.

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