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Earlier this year I wrote And When You Pray: Understanding the Lord’s Prayer. If you were one of the “lucky” few to receive the first version (or the first or second or third revision!!!) of the ebook I’m sure you noticed that it was a mess. There were so many mistakes — grammar mistakes, punctuation errors, typos! Every time I reread it I found more. I’m sure if you were to download the latest revision today you’d still find errors, but I’ve had to put that book down, let it be, and move on.

Recently I began writing another ebook, a devotional and Bible study centered on the Book of Mark. I am excited to get it finished, but I learned a thing or two after writing the last book. First, I can’t rush it, it takes time. And second, I know I can’t do this on my own so I am looking for help. I need ladies willing to help me polish the book and get it ready for publishing. I’ve created a Facebook group where I share portions of the book in hopes that group members will provide feedback on everything from typos to punctuation problems, grammar errors to fluency issues.

I don’t expect a ton of anyones time, but any thoughts that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. If you are interested please fill out the form and I will get back to you within the next day or two.

Thank you for considering,


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