Not Another New Year’s Resolution

I recently heard a pastor say, “You are not going to accidentally be close to Jesus.”

{Pause. Ponder} What does that mean?

I’m sure you’ve heard this analogy before but I will share it anyway.  Think about your closest companion.  Maybe that person is a spouse, or a parent, or a sibling, or simply a friend.  Presumably if you have a healthy, close relationship with that person you communicate on a regular basis.  Right?  You talk about life, big decisions and small, you share opinions and fears.  That close companion knows you and you know him (or her).  And that knowledge of one another didn’t happen by accident.  You purposefully and intentionally made time for each another.

Are we doing the same for Jesus?

He knows us but do we know Him?

The only way we are going to know our Savior is if we purposefully and intentionally seek to communicate with Him.  We do this through prayer and the study of His word.


With 2015 right around the corner you will soon be seeing and hearing a lot about New Year’s resolutions.  Basically a resolution is making a commit to do something or make something happen.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Many people have New Year’s resolutions.  I have many times in the past; however, I almost always fail at them, so this year I have no plans for a New Year’s resolution.  I do however, want to make a commitment.  I want to commit to knowing my Lord more.

The difference between this commitment and my past resolutions is something simple.  I won’t do it.  I won’t rely on my strength or my smarts or my will-power.  I’m going to rely on Jesus and ask Him to do this for me because I. Just. Can’t.

I need Him.

Starting in January, with complete dependence on the Lord, I plan to study and write about the Lord’s prayer (Matthew 6:9-13).  I don’t know exactly where this experience will take me or how long it will last, but I am praying that it will bring me closer to Jesus.  Will you join me?

My prayer life is weak. It’s not very healthy at the moment and I need to make time with my Savior.  I need communication with Jesus to be the number one priority in my life.  It is the only way I will know Him more.

Please prayerfully consider joining me over the next month.  Let’s discover how seeking the Lord and His will can change our lives and bring us closer to Him.

Commitment Form:

Yes, commitment can be a big scary word.  But if we realize that through the strength of the Lord this commitment is possible, then the task seems a lot less intimidating.  Filling out this form doesn’t bind you to some crazy contract, it simply means that you want to intentionally focus on your relationship with Christ. You will also receive daily emails beginning in January to help you do so.

Keeping you in my prayers,


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