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I would like to share something with all the ladies out there, especially the moms.  This something is called Hello Mornings.  The easiest way to describe Hello Mornings is to say that it is an online bible study created for women.  I don’t know about every other mom out there, but if they are like me, then getting out of the house and to a weekly bible study can be challenging – especially if they have a few kids in tow.

A few months ago, while searching for an online bible study, I came across Hello Mornings.  I can honestly say it has changed my entire life!  Specifically, how I manage my time throughout the day and, most importantly, how I prioritize spending time with God.  I have met and become friends with several ladies through Hello Mornings.  I have also introduced some of my other friends to the online bible study and now, even though we may live in different areas of the state, we are able to study God’s word together.  It has been amazing!

When you visit the Hello Mornings Challenge site you are asked to create an account, then you are given the option to receive study materials and study independently or to join a group and study with other women in your time zone.  Groups are formed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Everyone who has an account on Hello Mornings receives a new study guide every six to eight weeks.  The best part about the  study guide – it’s FREE!

The next study session begins December 1st.  It is an advent study based on Lara Williams’ book Then Came Jesus.  I want to emphasize that purchasing additional resources is absolutely NOT necessary to participate in the studies.  I have yet to buy any extra materials and have been completely and fully blessed during my time with God using only my bible and the free study guide.
Hello Mornings does offer what they call a Power Pack
 for a few dollars.  The power pack includes the free study guide and a few “extras” you may enjoy.

If you are searching for a good bible study please prayerfully consider Hello Mornings.  I truly believe God is doing amazing things for His daughters through this organization.  If you feel you are being led to participate, please obey.  You will be blessed.  I promise.


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