#HandWritingTheWord : The Double Dog Dirty Dare

IMG_1903Recently Andy Ziesemer of The New Divide “double dog dirty” dared his twitter followers to hand write the word starting with the Book of Mark. Yes, that’s right, write it out, not just read it through. I have decided to accept this dare and have written out the first chapter and started the second. I am already seeing the Word in a whole new way. Things that once confused me are becoming clear and other things that I never saw before are jumping off the page, all by the power of the Holy Spirit, of course.

My plan with this challenge is to share some of the most exciting and interesting insights here on the blog. I have already drafted three posts and am exercising great restraint not to publish them before I have done any editing or revising.

I encourage you to accept The New Divide’s challenge and hand write the Word as well. Beware, however, hand craps will occur but so will realization of amazing truth.

Let me know if you are taking on the challenge and share what God is revealing to you as you #HandWriteTheWord.

Keep up with this series here.

Interested in The New Divide? You can check them out on their website, Facebook or Twitter. You may also be interested in checking out their mission work over at A Jesus Mission.



  1. I am going to take the #HandWritingTheWord challenge, but because I am doing a study of Psalm119, I am going to start writing from where we are studying in that book. Thank you for issuing this challenge and I am sharing it!

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