Will You Go to Heaven?

Will You Go to Heaven?

I remember a period in my life, a very long period in fact, where I could not honestly answer that question.  I thought the answer was no, I was not going to heaven.  I believed, like many, that Heaven was for the perfect.  I believed Heaven was for those people that had their lives all figured out, had God all figured out, went to church every Sunday and Wednesday, and obeyed every commandment.  I believed Heaven was for the person who had never committed adultery, had never lied or stolen, and had never gotten a tattoo.

I was wrong.

Heaven is for you.

Heaven is for me.

Heaven is for the saint.

And more importantly, Heaven is for the sinner.

God didn’t send Jesus into the world for those that had it all together.  Jesus came to find those of us who are lost in our own sin (Matthew 18:11Luke 19:10)  And by the way, whether we admit it or not, we are all lost in our own sin.  That means He came for all of us.

He came for me.

He came for you.

To make it to Heaven, there is only one simple thing that you must do.  Come to Jesus.  Come to Him with your whole messed up, sinful self.  He already knows about all the filth you are trying to hide.  He already sees you.  He knows exactly who you are, what you’ve done, where you’ve been, and where you’re going.  And you know what?

GOD loves you anyway.

Come to Him now.  Lift your voice up to Him.  Tell Him you believe He is the Son of God.  Proclaim that He died on the cross as a payment for your sin.  Thank Him that He rose again and sits at the right hand of God praying for you.  Say to Him,

“I am a sinner, I am a mess, I need you.  Thank You for loving me anyway.  Thank You that You made a way for me to spend eternity with my Holy Father, who loves me unconditionally.  I love You.”

It’s simple.  Heaven is for you and for me, not because we are perfect, but because Jesus is.

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